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Covid-19 Update


On May 1st 2020 the Ontario government implemented their plan to allow for landscaping and seasonal business to resume starting May 4th 2020. 


The government said businesses permitted to reopen include seasonal businesses, landscape and lawn care and some essential construction projects. 

"Right now, there are certain businesses and workplaces that can operate safety," Premier Doug Ford said Friday. "That means they can physically distance their staff and customers, they can put in physical barriers, they can provide contact-free services, or they work outside and are isolated." 

Health & Safety has always been our number 1 priority. Although we are allowed to proceed we do so with caution. We are grateful to be able to get back to work and serve our clients and employees safely.



Here are some things we will be implementing immediately:


No client/employee contact - no handshakes, knocking on the door or accepting food or drinks from customer.

No questions asked quarantine - If any of our employees have experienced any covid-19 like symptoms or wish to remain in self quarantine we support their decision. If they feel they have come in contact or may have been around anyone in contact with Coid-19 like symptoms it is mandatory to report to us and stay home. Additionally if they feel like any family members may be more susceptible to the conditions of Covid-19 they are able to stay home.

2 person work crews - We will not be sending any more than 2 team members to any job site.

Cleanliness and Sanitization - Work clothes are to remain separate from any home clothes. Hand sanitizer and/or hand soap will be provided on all job sites. Employees are asked to be cautious and aware of their surroundings and work at a distance as much as possible.

Material Handling & Delivery - Our materials come sourced from businesses taking additional steps to ensure customer health and safety. We mandate our employees to wear gloves now and will be disposed of everyday or when compromised.


Additional measures may be implemented or considered at any time and constantly be re evaluated by our team members.


Thank you for your continued support during these challenging times and we just want to make you aware we have taken health and safety measures seriously.


Sincerely, Michael Scott Owner/Operator 

(705) 717-7119

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